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Teachers Kelly Arsenault and Mickey Fortanasce (USA)

Kelly Arsenault und Mickey Fortanasce

As a professional Tough Guy, Super Hero and Spelling Bee Champion, finding time for dance was not easy for Mickey, nor was it an accepted activity among his fellow Crime fighters. But having defeated most evil doers in the New York City metropolitan area and becoming bored with their monotonous monologueing coupled with their stubborn refusal to except his superior skill and ability, he made his way down a different path. In search of more powerful adversary Mickey began dancing the Lindy Hop and the Balboa in the Summer of ’99.
As a connoisseur of the real spirit, Kelly was much faster in descovering the essentials and so dancing has belonged to her life since very young. She has studied ballet, jazz and modern dance and has been part of numerous dance companies.
Together they are unbeatable, a fact which is not only shown when they enter the big competitions or when they set one of their incredible shows on their feet. Their creativity and innovation coupled with both their love of dance history and theory have led them to become popular teachers.
Kelly and Mickey on Youtube

  Claudia Joyal Laplante and Marty Klempner (USA)

Mia Goldsmith und Todd Yannacone

Marty is one of the world’s busiest Lindy and Balboa instructors, regularly featuring at all the most prestigious Balboa weekends in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia & Asia. Marty began teaching and competing full time in the fall of 2002. Let’s just say the list of his titles speaks for itself.
Marty has a reputation for clear and concise explanations in the classroom. He stresses connection through rhythmic dancing, starting with a baseline of relaxation – regardless of the style of dance.
That’s why it is always worth to buy one of Marty’s DVD’s, which he will most likely try to sell to you.

Marty on Youtube

Specialized in Musicals and passionate about dance, Claudia fell in love with Swing dancing in January 2006. Strong from her diverse background in many dance styles including Classical Ballet, Ballet Jazz and Tap, she soon became an active Swinging Air Force Member, started competing at many events around the world and teaches a variety of styles such as Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, West Coast Swing, Blues, Solo Jazz, Tap, and Solo Blues.
Her passion and her energy make her a devoted teacher who always finds the best way of getting you hooked yourself. Dazzling, persevering and inviting, Claudia will bring you into the heart of the passionate universe of swing.

Claudia on Youtube

  Andrea Hösel and Gio Olla (SWE)

Sasha Grubiyanova und Ivan IvaninGio and Andrea have danced together for three years and are now spreading the love for Balboa in Stockholm and abroad.
They enjoy experimenting with new moves, stretching the boarders of the dance. Thanks to their creative teamwork, Gio and Andrea are developing a style that focuses on bodyfriendly technique and challenges the stereotypes of gender roles. Their joyful approach to dancing gives a warm and positive atmosphere in class.
By the way, Andrea and Gio were the winning couple at Sweden Balboa Weekend and Sweden Balboa Revival 2011.

Andrea and Gio on Youtube

Levels Beginners-Intermediate:
You have been social dancing all of the key Balboa steps (Throw out, Come around, Lollie Kicks, Paddles, Crossovers) and variations of the basic moves. You are familiar with the basic technique and the feel of Balboa, however, you want to be further introduced to the secrets of the dance.

  SOLD OUTIntermediate-Advanced:
You are dancing Balboa on a regular basis since about 1–3 years. So you are not only familiar with the basic steps of the Balboa, but you know a variety of further Bal-Swing-steps and are able to use a set of variations. The art of leading and following is no mystery to you, but you are still looking for more technique and more ease, as well as more “challenging” variations and steps.

  SOLD OUTAdvanced:
You attend weekly classes since at least 3 years and/or have been visiting international workshops, which brought you into the realm of an advanced Balboa dancer. You don’t dance Balboa every once in a while, but you go to Balboa parties and classes often. You are hooked and really interested in improving your dancing on different levels. You know and master all subtleties of the steps and you fear no variation, slide nor tempo. You are able to interpret the music, but you want to gain in musicality and finesse as well as discover new styles. Leading or Following is not only no mystery for you but your second skin.

Schedule Saturday, 14th April 2012


Intermediate-Advanced Advanced
11.45–12.30 Claudia & Marty Andrea & Gio Kelly & Mickey
12.45–14.30 Andrea & Gio Kelly & Mickey Claudia & Marty
15.45–16.45 Kelly & Mickey Claudia & Marty Andrea & Gio
17.00–18.00 Claudia & Marty Andrea & Gio Kelly & Mickey

21.00   Party

Sunday, 15th April 2012


Intermediate-Advanced Advanced
11.30–12.45 Andrea & Gio Kelly & Mickey Claudia & Marty
13.00–14.15 Claudia & Marty Andrea & Gio Kelly & Mickey
15.30–16.30 Kelly & Mickey Claudia & Marty Andrea & Gio
16.45–17.45 Andrea & Gio Kelly & Mickey Claudia & Marty

18.00   Party

Kursort The classes will take place in three schoolhouses which stand next to eachother:

Pestalozzistrasse 20
8200 Schaffhausen

Schulhaus Gelbhausgarten
Bachstrasse 64
8200 Schaffhausen

Schulhaus Am Bach
Bachstrasse 62
8200 Schaffhausen

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